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Diversity is the future

The Dresscode Project is a global initiative with the objective of creating gender-affirming salons and barber shops for LGBTQ2S+ clients.

As your clients and employees become more diverse they expect and deserve inclusive spaces that meet their needs. Through our consulting services we can help you meet the challenge of creating a gender-affirming space and a welcoming salon/shop environment. 

Dresscode Project consulting provides a full range of services that are tailored to meet your specific needs when creating safer, gender-affirming spaces.


Safer space workshops:

Founder & CEO Kristin Rankin has conducted safer space workshops in both Canada and the US. Kristin and their training team work with shops or salons to create the training experience that works best for them.

Workshops range from 2 to 4 hours based on the needs of the client and size of the group and include the following training modules:

  • Understanding LGBTQ2S+ communities
  • Exploring the differences between Sex, Gender and Sexuality
  • Addressing barriers to service that LGBTQ2S+ people face
  • Building confidence with inclusive language
  • Building confidence with gender-neutral pronouns and small talk
  • How to conduct a gender-affirming hair consult
  • How to convert your salon to Length Not Gender pricing

Diversity consulting

Are you looking to create a more diverse environment at your shop or salon? We can help you:

• Learn respectful language to use with your LGBTQ2S+ employees and clients
• Teach you how to use inclusive language and gender-neutral pronouns in your business
• Adjust your online presence to reflect an inclusive and diverse environment that is welcoming to members of LGBTQ2S+ communities
• Provide one on one coaching with employees who need to be worked with closely
• Create your own length not gender pricing for hair services



Are you looking to reach a larger audience in a short period of time? Our founder Kristin Rankin has been working in an inclusive and diverse environment their whole career as a hairstylist. They have helped hundreds of salons internationally create change. Their hands on experience will give you some perspective on how professional environments are shifting to include diverse people and perspectives. They can provide you knowledge and information in a dynamic and entertaining dialogue for your company retreat, annual business meeting, or trade conferences.

Begin your conversation about safer spaces in the beauty industry with us. We will teach you how to practice inclusiveness in your businesses daily life and to celebrate the diversity your employees and clientele bring to your company and industry’s culture.