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Diversity is the future

As clients and employees become more diverse they expect new types of inclusive spaces that meet their needs. We can help you meet the challenge of creating a safer space and a welcoming salon environment. 

Dresscode Project consulting provides a full range of services that are tailored to meet your salon specific needs when creating safer spaces. CEO Kristin Rankin is the founder of the Dresscode project and has over 15 years in the industry and have conducted safer space workshops in both Canada and the US. This initiative is an international organization that assists salon owners in creating safer and authentic spaces for clientele who are members of the LGBTQ + community to get their haircut. Education, diversity and acceptance are all tools that can help folks be a part of creating safer and authentic spaces at work. Here are the services that we offer: 


Safer space workshops:

We come to you and provide a full day workshop for your staff.
• manual/Toolkit
• We cover topics that are relevant to today’s language used in an aware and inclusive environment.
• We provide facts about how this sort of atmosphere can gain confidence in employee to employee relationships and start conversations regarding what safer spaces require amongst coworkers
• We will provide you with tools to keep up on your education as it pertains to the diversity of the lgbtq+ community
• Once all employees have completed the daily workshop we will provide you with a “safer space “ sticker for your space and PDF for your website.
• You will be certified DCP safer space with all the training and tools needed to maintain an inclusive environment.


Diversity consulting

Are you looking to create a more diverse environment at your workplace? Have you received negative feedback on workplace language or signage? Do you know how much this can hurt your relationship with your employees? And how much that can negatively impact your business? We do and we can help you :

• Use current and proper language that pertains to your LGBTQ+ employees and clients
• Teach you how to refer to person first and get used to open and inclusive language in the workplace
• Help you adjust your online presence to reflect an inclusive and diverse environment that folks from the LGBTQ+ would want to be a part of
• We provide one on one coaching with employees who need to be worked with closely
• provide you with insight on how to create your own length not gender pricing for haircutting services



Are you looking to reach a larger audience in a short period of time? Our founder Kristin Rankin has been working in an inclusive and diverse environment their whole career as a hairstylist. They have helped hundreds of salons internationally create change. Their hands on experience will give you some perspective on how professional environments are shifting to include diversity and change. They can provide you knowledge and information in a dynamic and entertaining dialogue for your company retreat , annual business meeting, or internal and trade conferences.

Begin your conversation about safer spaces in the workplace environment with us. We will teach you how to practice inclusiveness into your daily company life. And celebrate the diversity your employees and clientele bring to your company and industry’s culture.

Please call to inquire about our prices.